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Now this is quite a nice surprise! Here are the memories from the road traveled and the trips taken by Davis Torgerson, hence a Who's Who of sorts of American skateboarding, captured and presented in a more relaxed manner, and therefore quite enjoyable! Hell, there is a flip in flip out free Chris Cole in there!

Your weekly Ishod dose!

True, we hadn't seen new footage of Mister Wair for a few hours, at least, and were starting to worry, almost! Luckily, a little trip to Puerto Rico with the Johnny Wilson crew gives him the chance to stretch his legs, while Cory Kennedy happens to steal the show!

Surprise attack: Dan Plunkett

Just for the Seinfeld reference, and the bluntslide held like it should be the whole length of a hubba way too long for that, this part is worth some gold. Now add all those textbook variation of the hard make cool crooked grind, and…


Apart from the fact that all Jason Hernandez video productions are always on point, isn't Ishod's bowl line the proof that skateboarding in 2013 in a rather healthy state? Diversity, people, is key!

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