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No limit

For the release of their two little pairs of shoes, the Polar skate team flew to Puerto Rico. The landscape and the spots are beautiful! There is really something to galvanize the troops. Of course, the Polar guys were unleashed, ready to taste concrete with an ever more incredible speed. They have not lost a gram of their madness since "We blew it at some point", and of course Tor Störm is still in at the filmmaking. Frankly difficult to find a team that can transmit as much energy in a video. Here is a proof in picture that we must perhaps forget the wax for much more speed, there is never too much we have to believe.

We blew it at some point

You can stop all the cyber-digging you have been up to lately: it's here! Yes, the latest Polar video!

Oz power!

Ah, Australia… The other skateboard country continent! And considering the size of the place, and the number of locals, diversity is there. Proof here with a selection of footage from the Swooshed kids from down under, and from Nick Boserio to Geoff Campbell, they got something for everybody!

Charles' tip: "Sack of Spuds"!

"The compilation to watch before going skating or, at the worst, to play at the end of your school dance!" And a great Who's Who of Australian skateboarding…

Sequence 1

John Wilson and buddies: the perfect recipe… Here, we have a Nick Boserio at his best in spots aggression, an always unexpected Max Palmer, and the Cyrus Bennett we all love! Let's note also the improbable wallie kickflip…


John Wilson was recently in Paris, and you can find here some visual proof of it, mixed with his usual feel good New-York moments.


This could be a follow-up to CORE as the crew is quasi similar, but in a more exotic location, in Puerto-Rican heat! A bit more than a change of scenery, therefore, and the way Boserio and Cyrus Bennett treat it all, you are just going to love it!

Charles' tip: "Core"

"Now, that's what I call a good crew!" Sure, the van was loaded of diverse talents! This Nike SB trip through the Fred Gall territories of Upstate, guided by Quartersnacks was promising, to say the least, but the final result is just about perfect! Do NOT miss this, from the tricks pushed to the T of Cyrus Bennett to the improv' approach of Max Palmer, you're in for a treat!

Boserio alert!

Beware, this might frighten you more than once!

2 Busted Crew

They back with some unexpected featurings! Recognize all them first go, and win a buzz cut!

Boserio alert!

Always a good watch, that Nick, and as here, captured on film while traveling around California by train, one can only be glad to change its mind a bit in front of his screen!

Get Slugged

Those edits are always good, as they show Australian skateboarding in all its glory, from pure brutality to perfect technique…


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