Dolan Stearns

Dolan dosage!

Always explosive, that mister Stearns! Even in what looks like only a few days on the road…



Now this is quite a nice surprise! Here are the memories from the road traveled and the trips taken by Davis Torgerson, hence a Who's Who of sorts of American skateboarding, captured and presented in a more relaxed manner, and therefore quite enjoyable! Hell, there is a flip in flip out free Chris Cole in there!

"Despair came knocking"

What to say about Dolan Stearns? From his ability to skate about any shitty non-spot with class to what looks like a passion for Daniel Johnston, one could say he is about beyond suspicion… Hell, let's say it, even his overalls game is on point!


Charles' tip: "Hijacked Journals"!

"Not that I am usually fan of another tour edit, but, damn, this time it is straight murder from beginning to end, right?" One will note the return of Andrew Brophy in good form, and an explosive Dolan Stearns!

La formula!

Puerto Rico? The Brixton team? Filmed by Ryan Garshell? Where do we sign in!? From the dream destination to the crew of people that can only do good –at least, according to our standards– we couldn't really be deceived, and this should put a smile on your face for the whole week-end! A special mention to Dolan Stearns, but then again, that was expected…

Raw Dolan

This part had been a great kick off to 2014, mainly for the power displayed in it, and this undeniable quality stands even stronger, here, without a soundtrack… All you can hear are his wheels flying though some often sketchy grounds, or over vast amount of terrain, and it is just perfect like that!



Now this should start some "interesting" debates: is Dolan Stearns allowed to go for broke and constantly stay away from low impact skateboarding while attending at the same time the Church of Sean Pablo, when it comes to his pants choices?


Charles' tip: Dolan Stearns

"A spontaneous and effortless looking style: way worth the watch! It looks like there's a kicker in front of every trick, but, well, nope…"

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