Tom Karangelov


If there should only be one… Asselin, also, yeah, OK.


Now this is quite a nice surprise! Here are the memories from the road traveled and the trips taken by Davis Torgerson, hence a Who's Who of sorts of American skateboarding, captured and presented in a more relaxed manner, and therefore quite enjoyable! Hell, there is a flip in flip out free Chris Cole in there!

The Mondays

Imagine yourself riding for Brian Anderson… Pressure anyone? Tom Karangelov has never been lacking skills, so one must think he wasn't stressing it, but one can fell he went a bit further, here, to not look for "hard tricks" but the great idea on impossible grounds to boot… Way to make B.A. proud!


More Levi Brown footage than in the past two years, Trahan on top of his game, the proof that PJ Ladd has hit puberty (and beyond that!), but mainly another reason for why Tom Knox is turning into one of our favorite skateboarders!

In 3D!

Pop, pop: Tom Karangelov demonstrates in a few intense seconds why he got picked by Brian Anderson to be the first amateur for his brand, 3D…


You can find a lot of power in Tom Karangelov's skating, but also a healthy dose of finesse, which helps in all the unlikely spots he chooses to attack!


Here is their first visual proposition of serious proportion, and let's say it does stand quite strong. Icing on the cake, it shows Arto and PJ back in the streets! On a side note, seeing Joe Pease –the multi talented buddy of John Rattray– involved gives high hopes of genuine gold coming their way, with his help. One can hope!

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