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Fashionable frogs!

Even after these few years following them, it's still hard to figure out what they do (skateboarding, I think). But whatever it is, I fail to see who does it better! Every time Chris Milic's frog gang pops up, we can expect to be pleased with an impressive collection of tricks, mostly on two wheels. Not to mention the fact that we may hold the slappy of the year here. In any case, as for fashion week, we hope many new editions will happen soon.


Minnesota - the Land of the Ten Thousand Lakes and also Chris Burt's playground, and where he's been abusing VX-1000 heads since the local equivalent of the Palaeolithic era. Following in the footsteps of an equally local Pete Spooner LIVE hasn't been without introducing to you before, Chris is into independent DVD production and his portfolio of full-lengths comprises - amongst others - "North Coast" in 2012, "Attn Dfct" in 2013 - with the corresponding Wikipedia page - and "Thnku" in 2015.

"Ultra" is the 2019 edition of Chris' tapes, a vintage honored by Mike Lemnitzer, Nathan Cameron, Andrew Ellison, Pat Gallaher all coming through with a solid part each, and a bunch of homies as duly expected. For even more Minnesota, take a gander at "For Your Health", another full-length Mike himself made a few years back; can't stop, won't stop. Even more, soon...

In the meantime, one can support Chris' work and purchase his videos, right here!

For once not Charles' tip: Pat Gallaher!

Yes, he's back! This time clocking quite the NYC time, but still rocking that discreet charm that makes you think of a young math teacher just getting started, that would still allow himself to rip on a skateboard at the week-end… Another great part to his belt, from the recent Insano!


Now this is quite a nice surprise! Here are the memories from the road traveled and the trips taken by Davis Torgerson, hence a Who's Who of sorts of American skateboarding, captured and presented in a more relaxed manner, and therefore quite enjoyable! Hell, there is a flip in flip out free Chris Cole in there!

Charles' tip: Pat Gallaher!

"This is his first part this year, and that is something to celebrate. As always, everything is polished!" A part from Thnku

Charles' tip: Pat Gallaher!

"It was about to be two months without a new part from him, so I was a bit worried… Here I rest, reassured!" Well, you might want to worry about his musical tastes, though? Jokes aside, you should treat yourself, here!


This a rather heavy postcard coming from Minneapolis, including notably the famous Familia part with the insane Radiohead cover that we already showed you, and way more than that, including what is the best DVD packaging seen in years!

Pat Gallaher - Home Grown

Pat Gallaher is from Minnesota and have been noticed in Debris video, and you know what he deserves more minutes of your attention, specially regarding the toughness of the spots.

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