Guillaume Guirao

City of Lousy

How could it get better than a portable house, you say? One that is skatable, also? Yep, that'd be ace… They got you covered at Lousy Livin', in more than one way, and the Bloby's and co are ready to co-sign this!

Parisii V / VI / VII

We had announced the longest episode since Parisii debuted… Well, Greg Dezecot and Olivier Fanchon deliver! Here is more than ten minutes of raw Parisian skateboarding, exploring the shores of the Seine and areas more known for their tourist sites… And, nope, the Eiffel Tower pounds haven't been drained recently! But, this is still a trip worth boarding, trust us!

Parisii V / VI / VII trailer!

Greg Dezecot and Olivier Fanchon are about to drop the longest episode since the beginning of the adventure, and had prepared that trailer as a surprise for the Parisian premiere of Static IV… These two are locked in their dungeon polishing the last details of the part dedicated to three arrondissements by the Seine, and rich in often famous spots. But this should help you wait for a few more hours!

Week in the sun

Here's a little visit to the city of Montpellier by the Converse gang, where Guillaume Guirao and Roman Gonzales get noticed, each in their own way, one being both solid and "classic", while the second enjoys a more "free flowing" approach.

Lawis power

Skateboarding in Paris is way richer than just Parisii, and Hadrien Buhanic keeps on holding it down for the Bloby's Nation… Good stuff.

Live Skateboard MediaLive Skateboard Media

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