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Parisii / le remix / Group Edit

All right, so Monday is off, and this should put the fire in you: the homies, buddies, friends and bros section from our Parisii remix… Three years of skating around Paris amounts to a rather large group of people joining the sesh. Hell, you can even spot a couple world renown dudes in there, oh and that guy Rémy Taveira. And République getting built! All under the musical supervision of another Parisii head, Vincent Perrin!

Parisii V / VI / VII trailer!

Greg Dezecot and Olivier Fanchon are about to drop the longest episode since the beginning of the adventure, and had prepared that trailer as a surprise for the Parisian premiere of Static IV… These two are locked in their dungeon polishing the last details of the part dedicated to three arrondissements by the Seine, and rich in often famous spots. But this should help you wait for a few more hours!

Parisii XII, part 2!

The XIIth had been the second arrondissement to get explored Parisii style… But looks like the neighborhood is laced with spots, as –surprise!– a second part just dropped! Looks like Paris is shaking these days. Another Live exclusive production, featuring Mathias Labelle, Steve Mallet, Rémy Taveira, Martin Keller, Kevin Rodrigues and many more!

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