Jimmy McDonald

New York 2016

Well, that should last you the week-end, and way more! 5Boro is back in full force, and if the up-and-comers are crushing it, from the extra-terrestrial street pop of a Jordan Trahan et an ever surprising Silvester Eduardo, you also get to rejoice at the motivation levels displayed by the known faces, the mix of both energies is as explosive as enjoyable. Let's all note a varied and punchy part from a Jimmy Mc Donald that has been way under the radar for a while, and therefore surprises everybody!


The 5Boro colleagues are announcing a new full-length for November? And according to the title, one could deduct that it would fully filmed in NYC? Boom!

Make Me Wanna Holler

The 5 Boro crew in Philly, through the lens of Chris Mulhern, you knew it was going to be good, and nobody will be let down, here, in between Jimmy McDonald always being classy no matter how impossible a spot might be, or the slow rising of Jordan Trahan to his very own super powers. The interesting detail, here, might be the proof that it is totally possible to edit raw skateboarding to the absolute smoothitude that is Marvin Gaye. Take note, people: no need for tired guitar riffs, or samples of foghorns! Thanks.

The experiment did work

Recommending this video by speaking of history, or nostalgia, would be the best way to put some of you off; and just plain wrong, as The Philadelphia Experiment is at the opposite of the train of thought stating that “things were better before”.

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