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Hot line(s)

We were already bringing up Josh Stewart earlier today, as the independent filmmaker from Florida was recently invited to the Croatian Vladimir Film Festival, for its 2019 iteration which actually just came to an end and LIVE already has covered, here (quite the must-see for any respectable fan of the "STATIC" video series).

Well, now the unstoppable work pace of the man is made obvious again as, in between trips and exhibitions, he just happens to be the author of this new montage for Dial Tone (the wheel brand for those who miss the original telephones). If you aren't familiar, then just look at that line-up: you're in for new, excellent footage of - amongst others - Jahmal Williams, Ben Gore, Kevin Liedtke, Alexis Sablone, Christian Maalouf, Brian Powderly and Jordan Trahan; and it all rolls beautifully, as though captured on everyone's oh-so-impertinent daily routine.

The animations are by Cosme Studio.

Still cold?

New York 2016

Well, that should last you the week-end, and way more! 5Boro is back in full force, and if the up-and-comers are crushing it, from the extra-terrestrial street pop of a Jordan Trahan et an ever surprising Silvester Eduardo, you also get to rejoice at the motivation levels displayed by the known faces, the mix of both energies is as explosive as enjoyable. Let's all note a varied and punchy part from a Jimmy Mc Donald that has been way under the radar for a while, and therefore surprises everybody!


The 5Boro colleagues are announcing a new full-length for November? And according to the title, one could deduct that it would fully filmed in NYC? Boom!

Jordan Trahan, da mixtape!

So, we thought we were the only one following every ankle movement of Jordan, but it looks like at Village Psychic, they were on it also… Funny, uh? Because, in the end, apart from a phenomenal pop or stunning urban lines, what does he have? Oh, yeah, class!

Tomorrow's skating, now.

Wow, we almost missed that one, and what a waste it would have been, as Jordan Trahan has all the cards in his hands to take the pot, when it comes to the skater of the future, from his pop on every one of his tricks, the sharp eye and the good mood that seems to come out whenever he steps on his board…


More Levi Brown footage than in the past two years, Trahan on top of his game, the proof that PJ Ladd has hit puberty (and beyond that!), but mainly another reason for why Tom Knox is turning into one of our favorite skateboarders!


"Mandatory post!" as stated Charles…

Raw GX

"Thank you Based God!" Need to say more? GX1000 is one those very few things on the web that make it worthwhile to turn your computer on in the morning… And that's quite something. Oh, that and Al Davis…

Philly's Side

In the "my skateshop owner fucking kills it!" family, mister Santosuosso is one of the few! Complete respect for the motivation, but also for the straight ripping this guy nails after closing time…


Ben Chadourne did not disappoint with this first •Atom edit, but we never doubted him, to be truthful! He has a mean casting, and with a mini Guillaume Dulout part in there, you have all you could ask for to end a Sunday! Can't wait for the follow-up!


Things are happening, and indy projects are bursting left and right! This one is aiming from Bordeaux, and Ben Chadourne's brain. One to follow, that's for sure!


Jordan Trahan, goddamit! 5 Boro is the kind of team that can afford that type of "throwaway", and promise on top a new video for soon… That's highly respectable!


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