Matt Reason

The Year Zero

Perfect time of a times (the mid-nineties) long gone, Eastern Exposure Zero ends up also being the best way to get convinced of an evidence: the skateboarding of the likes of Matt Reason, Ricky Oyola, Fred Gall, Donny Barley and a few others remains the one that aged the best, to the point of certainly being the most appreciable for the young people of today. Come on, kids, do your homeworks, and we promise, it will NOT be a bore!

Caste Quality / The Philadelphia Experiment Off-Cuts

As promised yesterday, here is, premiering on Live, a new Chris Mulhern production for Caste Quality, mixing archival footage from Ryan Gee and Andrew Foote, and the newest guard from modern days in Philly.

The experiment did work

Recommending this video by speaking of history, or nostalgia, would be the best way to put some of you off; and just plain wrong, as The Philadelphia Experiment is at the opposite of the train of thought stating that “things were better before”.

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