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Groovy Science

Science Skateboards is Chris Morgan's company, launched in London back in 2006 and now relaunching in San Francisco, right now, a couple of years after the aforementioned owner's move to the City. From the bricks to the hills; a rough-to-rough transition that warrants a fresh website, an article in the latest, fifth-second issue of Skate Jawn, and the addition of three S.F. skaters: Harry Hafner, Bobby Groves and Josh Paz, to the team roster. A move that warrants this brand new ten-minute promo by itself, don't you reckon?

Also on the menu: clips of the British Joe Sivell and Josh Cox, visiting the hills and back alleys for lenses manipulated by Brett Nichols and Zach Chamberlin, amongst other brillant skate filmmakers.


A themed full-length with quite the universal theme at that: architecture. Now you're gonna tell me "everybody skates architecture!" but those guys actually pushed it a little –actually a lot– further than we all do in the search for what sometimes might be the only possible trick through the only angle available. A taste  of Color Fools, with an air of your favorite Japanese videos, mainly filmed around San Francisco? Now that's a pitch!

Distrito Federal

Here is a little exploration of the back alleys and hidden gems of one of the largest capitols in the world, featuring amongst others Josh Paz, which you will recognize from his recent appearance on Live… A nice change of scenery!

Whatever Bro. / Premiere

Let's kick off the year with an audio-visual postcard from San Francisco, by Jonathan Rezonable, featuring Bobby Groves, Josh Paz, and friends… A follow-up to In Brief, another LIve Skateboard Media exclusive, and a healthy dose of Bay Area street skating!

In Brief / Premiere

Based in San Francisco, In Brief, is the perfect example of how homie videos can sometimes provide a little extra something that professional production might sometimes lack of… And, in this case, "homie" does not stand for "shaky cam", as this Jon Rezonable work, entry to a local film festival, is quite the contrary, in terms of pristine finishing touches. Therefore, here you are, exclusively on Live, just for you, a little visit to San Francisco and its surroundings! Enjoy the trip!

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