Bobby Groves

Classic SF…

This new Sam Zentner edit is completely in the line of that San Francisco that has made us daydream for decades now, full of downhills and weird spots that you have to hunt… A bit of fresh air, by the hill side!


No doubt about it, the back alleys of San Francisco have no secret for Bobby Groves! And from the rarely seen downhills to the weird set-ups needing quick footwork, he puts them to good use…

Whatever Bro. / Premiere

Let's kick off the year with an audio-visual postcard from San Francisco, by Jonathan Rezonable, featuring Bobby Groves, Josh Paz, and friends… A follow-up to In Brief, another LIve Skateboard Media exclusive, and a healthy dose of Bay Area street skating!

In Brief / Premiere

Based in San Francisco, In Brief, is the perfect example of how homie videos can sometimes provide a little extra something that professional production might sometimes lack of… And, in this case, "homie" does not stand for "shaky cam", as this Jon Rezonable work, entry to a local film festival, is quite the contrary, in terms of pristine finishing touches. Therefore, here you are, exclusively on Live, just for you, a little visit to San Francisco and its surroundings! Enjoy the trip!


Ah, a ray of sunshine, some good ol' San Francisco ripping, and some neat things from Bobby Groves, including the very first line… Sure, it's Monday, but things could be worse!

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