Keith Denley

Raw power!

Traffic skateboards is back with a new full-length, and this part of Luke Malaney is already online, in order to get you pumped. And it usre will, as this (not so- young anymore) man is not afraid to physically attack the most abrasive surfaces, with still a soft touch about it. Raw finesse, if you will!

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And, here's your dose of class! Hopps, in the trail of its mentor, Jahmal Williams, knows how to pick them funky, and this edit will put a smile on your face for the week-end and more! From Piro Sierra to Brain Clarke, the approaches might be complementary, but the style levels are similar, and high…


Well, if you thought Hopps was an "old dogs" company, here you stand corrected! Three younglings added at once, and of the classy type, the one we dig!

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