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PREMIERE / "Hot Plate" / Marshall Nicholson

It is no less than six years that Marshall Nicholson spent restlessly working on his second independent, full-length skate video (after "FEED YOUR HEAD", and shorter clips such as "JIVE"): "HOT PLATE", a few parts from which had already found their respective ways online before - notably via Theories of Atlantis and Vague Skate Mag. Talking Theories, they are still hosting this interview with Marshall by Mike Wine where the approach for, and process behind the piece were discussed in length; Vague, on their end, had Dom Henry take over the interrogation room, which resulted in even more commentary from the author.

Now, Marshall is a full-time father and still undertaking new projects, be it video-wise or not as he's also been busy managing Palms Skateshop; and yet in spite of such an intense schedule, today, he's delivering and serving us the full "HOT PLATE" - now watchable in one shot fired from Fort Myers, Florida but also, by extension, N.Y.C., Baltimore, Chattanooga and Tokyo. A whole universal story wrapped up within exactly forty-two VX-1000-driven minutes; Douglas Adams himself never was this correct at estimating the meaning of life.

Take Five (Pushes)

Push Periodical, the independent, print photography-oriented skate mag orchestrated by legendary photographer from the U.K. Richard Hart (interviewed by LIVE here), celebrates its five years of existence (only? already?) as a petite entreprise with "5", an exclusive edit signed by just-as-legendary Sony VX-1000 wizard Zach Chamberlin which revisits a past half-of-a-decade mostly spent on the road - or when the San Francisco hills decide to lead you somewhere in between Portugal and Hungary... On the program: nearly forty skaters documented throughout that timespan, whose most footage has found a home in different productions in the meantime and yet, they manage to take a whole new flavo(u)r here - which isn't that surprising as Rich can definitely school anyone on how clementines really make camembert come alive, and that's in spite of all their preconceived notions. Behind the camera, in addition to Zach: Colin ReadRomain BatardChris Thiessen, Grant Yasura... And Dan Wolfe, for the final tribute to Keith Hufnagel - of course. The soundtrack is by a longtime friend of Richard's: Brigid Dawson.


You favorite street theoricians are back, led by Josh Stewart and his fearless no-comply! Pretty much everybody is in here, even the least expected one, and everybody's got something to add!

Into The Sun

This Monday's delight is courtesy of no other than Josh Stewart, who should no longer need an introduction (and LIVE has arguably done its share to spread the knowledge, too!), but always seems to surprise and here, it's under the form of a new Hopps edit that he's doing it. In fact, Jahmal Williams's brand just welcomed some new ams and thus, quite logically, this new piece features such heads as Joseph Delgado or Elijah Cole coherently intertwined with footage of, say, Mark Del Negro, Dustin Eggeling, Steve Brandi and even Jahmal himself, still out there and going strong from the looks of it!

Saturday Night Hop(p)s

2018 is over already; the web clip of the year just dropped. Josh Stewart, of classic independent video series "Static" and underground institution Theories Of Atlantis fame, was hired by Converse to capture the essence of the brand's newest collaboration capsule with Jahmal Williams' (delicious) board company, Hopps Skateboarding. Now in his forties, Jahmal is a living legend of East Coast skateboard throughout the decades and most importantly, never ever stopped doing his thing; pure passion is what translates in his style based on quick reflexes, creative spot use, timeless smoothness and sharp aesthetics, as you can yourself attest upon watching the resulting short film (no less) capturing his exploration of N.Y.C. alongside another OG: Steve Brandi. Not one to just pump out lazy ads, Josh went for a truly cinematographic approach and mixed media pairing incredible Super 8 and 16 mm shots of the Big Apple and its landscape with his trademark laser-cut VX-1000 clips of people skating it amazingly. The final mix is an absolute hit, and reminiscent of traditional local fragrances such as Dan Wolfe's "Eastern Exposure" series or "A Love Supreme" by Thomas Campbell. You'll be rewatching this one!


We have been discussing the Chicago case, via the Deep Dish edits, for quite a bit, now, but this time, it is the Theories colleagues that went there to see what all the fuss was about, leaded by the fearless Josh Stewart… Un-surprisingly enough, our local hero, Brett Weinstein, steals the show by demonstrating an inherent ability at tackling shitty spots, usually after getting up from harsh slams. An edit you should, and will, watch over and over through the week-end, and more!

Spring streets!

Even if winter seems to never want to let go NYC, they try to keep skating there, and the Theories heads are out in those streets, you know it! And, goddam, how stoked are we to watch Jahmal go hard in the paint like if he was still in his late teens!


Steve Brandi has always been amongst those names pronounced with respect by the few ones "in the known", I.E. that had seen him skate in real life… And his Static IV part will not change that fact. To the contrary… It should actually go down straight to the Skateboarding Pantheon, or something, for his endless class on board, even in precarious situations, but MAINLY for what might be the best music supervision to ever in the now long history of tricks on wheels put to music… No shit. And why? Well, first of all, because it is the exception that confirms the what we call the Olly Todd rule –let's note here that Toddy denies any part in the origin of this– that states that one can only skate to a song if his skating is worthy, and in all logic simply banishes some golden tunes to ever be skate to… Well, here, Mister Brandi not only skates to… Marvin Gaye, but even worse/better, skates to Marvin's voice only. And it works. Beautifully. Where an ambulance sirens steals the show on a line. Let's also note that it is Steve's idea and decision to dive into this craziness. Yes, with that one, Steve Brandi might have swooped the highly coveted title of Classiest Man of the World… Hats off!

Press "PLAY"

And, here's your dose of class! Hopps, in the trail of its mentor, Jahmal Williams, knows how to pick them funky, and this edit will put a smile on your face for the week-end and more! From Piro Sierra to Brain Clarke, the approaches might be complementary, but the style levels are similar, and high…

T.O.A. alert!

You know us: considering the names involved, we could only be excited… But, if you don't agree with us on this one, we are speechless… Beware, this also doubles as a Brandi alert!

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