Quayde Baker

Quayde alert!

We have been praising Quayde Baker since the first days of LIVE, more or less, and his part in the recent UBG Vol. 1 is certainly not going to make us change our mind! Neither yours, actually…

Charles' tip: "Sack of Spuds"!

"The compilation to watch before going skating or, at the worst, to play at the end of your school dance!" And a great Who's Who of Australian skateboarding…

Charles' tip: PA1!

"Now that's some dense and heavy edit! Good luck to whoever would like to try to name all the Australian skaters featured here!"

Charles' tip: Howard's Groove

"Did we miss out on that one, or this just came out? Many great things here, including Barry Mansfield, the very first Charles' Tip in the history of Live Skateboard Media." Always on point, Charles, and yep, we did not see that new Josh Roberts production coming, shame on us! Great job from his part, as expected!

Move in silence…

If the 90’s East Coast hip-hop soundtrack is turning into a 10’s cliché (but still works, somehow!), this is pure good stuff: many people you’ve seen on Live before –including our favorite Quayde Baker– and way more we don’t hear enough off, a bit like their city of Perth, which is strange, considering the talent displayed here!

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