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Where in only a handful of tricks, austyn reminds us all all why he's our daddy… One will also note a rather "on fire" Jake Anderson, and an ever stylish Sammy Winter…

Tav' alert!

So, the actual idea that Remy Taveira might fucking talented on a skateboard comes as no scoop, that's for sure… But this Guillaume Perimony project for Carhartt WIP raises the bar quite high in the "Great part form Remy" category! And, for this one he's got a supporting cast that adds up seriously, as nobody seems into staying in the shadows. Let's notably note the Classiest Australian in the World, Josh Pall. Yep, this is very sick and perfect to kick off the week-end!

Charles' tip: "Sack of Spuds"!

"The compilation to watch before going skating or, at the worst, to play at the end of your school dance!" And a great Who's Who of Australian skateboarding…


Chima Fergusson, or the proof that having a place to localize is a beautiful thing… Still waiting for the Vans video!

Sammy is pro!

Always stylish, skating fast and about everything: all those make for good reasons to have your name on a board… Don't you think? Sammy Winter got a lot of those in abundance, so we're all for it! Watch the re-edit of his recent footage, by Manolo, in READ MORE.

Modus mode

With such a line-up  –from Grant Taylor to the late Lewis Marnell– you'd bet it's going to be good, but with a mini Nick Boserio part and a great selections of clips from many others, this should get you amped for the week-end!

Fred Mortagne and "Hybridation" 5 W’s!

Fred discusses his Hybridation project, and more, here…

Good, good, good!

When your number one fan is Dylan Rieder, someone that seems quite stubborn to euphoria, and when Pass-Port, the Australian brand that got it all right, you must not be too bad, overall, don't you think?

Meeting… Sammy Winter!

The other Australian on Cliché tells us a bit more about what he has been up to.

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