James Whineray

James Whineray

Complete coolness of the Australian at home, Perth here, for James, in between downtown seshs and difficult spots all taken from Domingo 2 by the great Josh Roberts

Charles' tip: PA1!

"Now that's some dense and heavy edit! Good luck to whoever would like to try to name all the Australian skaters featured here!"

Crossing The Perth Dimension

Fruit of a recent visit to Perth, and the Domingo crew, this new Magenta production reminds us all two important points:
1) The best part of travelling far from home to skate –way ahead of the spots you might come across, and the footage you might come back with– is the people you end up meeting…
And 2) "It's all about lines."
To see more about the adventures of Léo, Jimmy and Koichiro in Australia, head over here.


We regularly mention locals from Perth, in Australia, and here is your chance to see a lot more of the city, its spots and locals! Domingo was a DVD to watch at the Live headquarters until now, where it is available online for all to enjoy! Rejoice!

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