Rowan Zorilla

Free Blues

Now, coupling the naturally improv' flow of Rowan Zorilla's skating with Matt Sweeney bluesy guitar is a great idea on paper… Guess, what, live and with no sheet music, it even sounds better! We dig…

Another skate clip?

When I grow up, I wanna skate like Nik Stain! How about you? Him, or Vincent Touzery…

Jeune Rowan

Looking back at the times and tricks that put Mr Zorilla on the map!

Ode to Rowan

So, young Rowan is turning pro, and this video is glorifying this fact, but in that raw and sincere way Baker has got us used to. (Almost) everybody else got tricks, Reynolds still got it and this gives us the occasion to listen to "Lou Reed's " Street Hassle" in its entirety.

Le Rowan

Just for that switch line in that natural snake run in the outskirts of Paris…

Eric Antoine's tip: Rowan Zorilla

"I suppose that you've already seen that sick part from a dude we don't hear enough about?" Well spoted, Eric, that kid is sick, for sure!

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