Andrew Reynolds

Ode to Rowan

So, young Rowan is turning pro, and this video is glorifying this fact, but in that raw and sincere way Baker has got us used to. (Almost) everybody else got tricks, Reynolds still got it and this gives us the occasion to listen to "Lou Reed's " Street Hassle" in its entirety.

Hecho en Mexico!

Just for Leo Romero's line at 2' 30", this would be worth clicking! Plus, the Mexico City spots always make you forget about the grey streets you call home…

Raw Andrew…

What to say, what to say?

Bang bang

Bake and Destroy might not be officially out with the newest issue of Thrasher, but you have all seen it, and watched so many time the pixels are hurting. At least, for parts of it.
And at Quartersnacks, they have been doing the same, only they got that thing where they HAVE to add their grain of salt… They can’t help it! Therefore, here is the remix of all things Boss in the video, with a couple clips from the homies, sewn together with ignorant rap.

Live Skateboard MediaLive Skateboard Media

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