Willem Dirks

Brick squad

And the Pop boys are back, this time applying at home, one built mostly from bricks of various sizes and colors, most times not very well jointed… To say the list. Yes, we are talking about Antwerp, a city not necessarily known for its perfect spots. Which does not seem to bother anyone, here, and certainly not locals Yeelen Moens and Alex Raeymaekers, that display here their well-known ATV skills!

Parking Fashion Week

Where the Pop Trading Company boys manage to bring back a full edit from a week in Paris marked by heavy and endless rain… We've told you before they were more or less weatherproof, and also actually enjoying each other company even if locked up for days in the grimiest parking garages in town. In between Parisian parties! Also note that our very own Aymeric got a line, here!

Electro Pop!

Looking for a best-of of the year Pop Clips? Well, here it is! Hell, they even threw some of that music young people listen to on top of it!

Popping and locking!

The Pop homies compile here their past year, just to make sure they are effectively one of the most exciting crew in Europe, including some of their best lines in 2016, including even some gold from the Pop LIVE in Berlin! Dope stuff, we tell you, dope stuff!

Pop, pop!

Or should we say, "Bang, bang!"!? The Pop Trading Company homies are taking no prisionners, here…

Pop, champagne for all!

The Pop Trading Company homies are celebrating this end of the year with a bang, and this mixtape of their best footage from 2015, always keeping an interesting balance  between interlocking block paving and that raw raw street style. Something to keep you waiting for the Pop Live project? Hmm, can't wait for 2016…

Pop streets!

Aren't they good at that street skateboarding thing, the Pop Trading Company homies!? This time, it is Alex Raeymaekers that steals the show with a killer line mixing two kickflips in a row and a wallie that really is just asking for trouble!

Shit's popin'!

Today is Noah Bunink's birthday, and the Pop Trading Company homies are celebrating with a new edit… As for Noah, he treats himself to an incredible spot! That should ease the pain from the eyebrow he almost lost at République this week-end!

Pop in translation

Even after spending a week in Berlin with the Pop Trading Company heads, impossible to translate you what Willem van Dijk might say, but rest assured it is something slightly pissed off yet really funny! Another thing that put a smile on our face is that Noah Bunink still represents #popliveinberlin!

Pop back!

It is Back to School also for the Pop Trading Company homies, and they are in fine form here, with even a new recruit, Jeff van der Veken, and pretty much the whole gang at its best, including notably Willem van Dijk's line! This should get you stoked, while waiting for something beefier: #popliveinberlin!

Pop Recycled / Triple Six Is My Number

For those who don't know, Pop Trading Company are the distributor for the Benelux area of an array of brands that, from Palace to Magenta, prove their good taste… That would be quite a feat on its own, but on top of all that work, they find the time to promote their own scene in many ways, including the regular drop of their Pop Clips for the past eight months now. With 2014 about to end, they wanted to give free reins over all the raw footage accumulated to a few friends. Needless to say, we are quite proud to be on that short list, and to even get the chance to present the very first Pop Recycled edit to the world! The logical name that came to mind to do the remixing job was Hugo Campan, the sound and images juggler which you already know from Kurds Are My Heroes or Lucas, Le Remix… And such a trio could only gonna triple six on you…

Pop Clip #12

Twelve edits in a year, that's reason enough to celebrate, but at Pop Trading Company, they don't even take the easy route of a compilation of sorts, but offer you two minutes of dat new new on their beloved Benelux brick grounds!


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