Toby Bennett

D.O.A. "Winter 1997" Promo / PREMIERE

Modern enthusiasm around a short-lived clothing brand from the mid-nineties surely could appeal to many a nostalgic geezer or youthful wannabe these days, except this is Steve's board brand this new web edit is a promo for. A longtime fan of the original FIT "Industry" section from 411VM, the late institution of a skate video magazine (pre-Internet days...), Steve is going all the way in with a recreation of said clip accompanied by a FIT-inspired line of D.O.A. product (with Pat Washington as a living common denominator). Two decades later, the wheels have turned! Here's what Steve had to tell us about the whole process.

Quick feet

Even if we find him in only a few videos, Toby Bennett’s style is clearly recognizable. Today this young man comes back with a part in “Puerile”, a long length video filmed in Washington DC, and between his last part and this one we can say that he progressed a lot. He is currently in flow for the new brand Dead On Arrival, and that makes sense when we see the skill and speed with which he links tricks of a remarkable cleanliness.

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