Valerian Nicolas

Château Magenta

The knights of French skateboarding over at Magenta just brought down their drawbridge into this year twenty twenty one A.D. with "LES CHÂTELAINS": close to ten minutes of Bordeaux street sled action on whatever might or might not look like a spot, performed by quite the herd of proud locals. Now, as far as production is concerned, we're talking exceptional colors for the aforementioned coat of arms as the format used this time is H.D. 4:3 - quite the unexpected battlefield, yet still one easily conquered by Andrea Dupré, the camera officer here - in between instances of his personal output and of ritual dubbing at local skateshop Sirop d'Erable. On the program: one section each, respectively, for seneschals Vivien Feil and Léo Valls forming quite the relentless joust against the cobblestones of Southwest France, punctuated by strategic appearances by key squires along the likes of Sergio CadaréJulien JanuskiewiczEmilien BonnetKenny Adoua and Léo Spartacus - whilst one particular flatground pressure flip in front of Edmond Burger can already be heard around the world resonating as the next Pandaymic, we're telling ya!

"You Are All" / premiere

If the world is one's oyster, it most likely makes for a rectangular shape in your pocket… And Julien Ducas takes advantage of it, by capturing his friends in Parisian streets, while paying homage to the late 90's videos he grew hope loving, and and had already inspired him for the cult Kurd Are My Heroes (remember!). All shot and edited on a phone, You Are All is now premiering on LIVE!

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