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Tavu Alert!

If Olivier "Tavu" Ente has been a fixture on our digital collumns since day one, it is because he checks all the creative boxes that matter to us, including the "board control on falsely mellow spots" one! And this new part for Zeropolis will remind you to  keep on eye on him at all times, even when he lays low, far from the spotlight…

Tavu alert!

If, just like us, you have been following Olivier for a while now, you do know he isn't exactly the neither expansive nor exuberant kind, and that you do have to push him out of his shell a little! Especially if you want to make him speak art or skating. Let's salute Olivier Fanchon's work here, as he managed to capture both sides of him, in complete honesty! Ladies and gentlemen, here is Monsieur Tavu, discussing ruining perfectly good maps, and also proving his very theory –according to which he doesn't really skate anymore– completely wrong… A man of talents, but you would know that!

Val Bauer "En Transit"

From his recent integration to Paccbet, a board brand located quite East of his native city of Lille, to a quasi super-activity of his Öctagon buddies and a solid take on street skating while never shying away from a little quirky take on it, we always have Val in our sights but for the good reasons. All his recent activity gives us the occasion of helping you find out a little more about this fine young man, via a new LIVE production, signed by Blake Myers, with a custom soundtrack done by Thom Pringle. The video drops with an "En Transit" zine that will be available in a selection of French skateshops. A project supported by Vans.

"You Are All" / premiere

If the world is one's oyster, it most likely makes for a rectangular shape in your pocket… And Julien Ducas takes advantage of it, by capturing his friends in Parisian streets, while paying homage to the late 90's videos he grew hope loving, and and had already inspired him for the cult Kurd Are My Heroes (remember!). All shot and edited on a phone, You Are All is now premiering on LIVE!

Parisii / le remix / Magenta homies

Fuck it, it is Easter, so this one is on us! Here is the Magenta part of the Parisii remix. Baby Jesus was dead and came back, or not really, but the only thing we know for sure is friends are forever!

Toujours Paris

It does look better less pixelated, doesn't it?

Pushing it!

The homies at Push Periodical are back, with an issue 5 of magazine, and an edit by Zach Chamberlin documenting the same adventures from Paris to Budapest… Only the best, we tell you!

The Quiet Leaf, Paris launch

Last week, we were celebrating the launch of the "French Issue" of The Quiet Leaf, the Korean magazine, at Ofr, the Parisian bookstore… Here is a little recap shot and cut by Olivier "Tavu" Ente, himself, who just drew a new board for Magenta, as well as dropped a new part. A talented young man that is!

Bordeaux Exposure (and Julien Januszkiewicz) 5 W’s!

Live Skateboard Media is proposing you another exclusive, with the online launch — tomorrow, Tuesday — of a video centered around Bordeaux, and a great portion of its locals. Until then, here are a few questions with its creator, explaining the project.

Focus / Olivier "Tavu" Ente

Our third Focus is finally out, and you were right to be patient: it’s a good one!

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