Vincent Dallemagne


Maybe you remember "Doomed Tapes", the Bordeaux full-length by transplant Pierre Patissou we presented to you alongside a few words from its author here, not that long ago.

"Doom Files" (or "Doomed Files"; we've been told both and are now completely lost) is its direct spiritual successor, still rooted in the same region, featuring many of the same heads. But it looks a lot different now as since "Doom Tapes", Pierre's VX-1000 died and it's now a HD set-up that keeps his heart beating...


a Bordeaux stop

The Place homies get a special visit of Bordeaux street by native, Édouard Depaz, and friends… Perfect week-end!

Meeting… Vincent Dallemagne!

As a follow-up to his part we premiered yesterday, here is your chance to learn a bit more about a truely rad character…

Vincent Dallemagne / Premiere

You have most likely really enjoyed Vincent's skating recently, as seen in J'aime Les Filles, and you couldn't be more right! Varied in the spots he chooses to use, he's never afraid to give it an extra push, which gives him tangible speed on top of perfect form. He has been living in Bordeaux for a little while, and managed to film a film part since with Bastien Nicollet, and is presenting it to you as Live exclusive! Needless to say, we are quite proud of that! Plus this will gives us an excuse to tell you more about Vincent Dallemagne tomorrow! Meanwhile, this should shake any summertime laziness off you…

Krakow, mon amour

Keeping a polish theme this weekend, after Juraś’ part this Friday, with a Live exclusive video about Parisians in Poland.


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