Jonas Hess

Bleu citron

The good people of A Brief Glance were recently showing around the Cons heads, confirming the many talents of young Felipe Bartolome. Oh, and don't be fooled by the early credits, you would be missing on some great Taveira action!

Fine wine…

Daniel Panneman is the talented kind, and you know that since his Propeller Island part… He teams up once again with Jo Peters here to film another one, and those two complete each other perfectly in capturing what the streets and courtyards of Berlin of the vast city of Berlin can offer… One could also state that Daniel's skating seems to have refined, most likely a consequence of his hard work on Place?

Stein squad

From his Kassel hometown to the Berlin streets, Jonas Hess seems to have a knack for the "red bricks" type of grounds, and considering what he makes out of that, we are all for it!


Salsa alert!

Ah, Warsaw, its spices, its evil rhythms… Wait, what!? No idea who came up with the idea on editing a week of skating in Poland to a boiling hot salsa track, but this is genius. Oh, let it be known that, at LIVE, we are all about Danny Sommerfeld, so, yep, we love it!

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