Daniel Pannemann

A.E.I.U.O part 2

Our very own Augustin is back with a sick edit, filmed from Berlin to Copenhagen, but mainly around Paris, with one hell of a casting… You gonna dig it, guaranteed!

Jeunes de maintenant

If you ever wonder what might be happening these days in Paris, young Augustin Giovannoni should be your best bet… Proof here, in moving images, with a nice little postcard resulting from his recent adventures. And, if you want to know more, from now on, you will be able to follow the #liveSBreport!

Destination: Berlin!

As a part of (sponsored) Europe is about to make its yearly pilgrimage for the BESA, it is an American citizen that reminds us why the city stands as that place where a certain type of street skating is practiced on impossible spots lost in abandoned neighborhoods… Another great production from  Brett Nichols, and a casting of locals about perfect, according to us!

Fine wine…

Daniel Panneman is the talented kind, and you know that since his Propeller Island part… He teams up once again with Jo Peters here to film another one, and those two complete each other perfectly in capturing what the streets and courtyards of Berlin of the vast city of Berlin can offer… One could also state that Daniel's skating seems to have refined, most likely a consequence of his hard work on Place?


Many new heads in this new LurkNYC prod', in between up and coming kids and summer tourists. Where we note a very mean featuring from the Place heads! Nice one!


Beware, your Sunday is about to start the best possible way! We announced it yesterday with Danny Sommerfeld's Galerie, –he's the TPDG Supplies main man– here stands, as a LIVE exclusive, the newest video production from the German gang. And boy, you're in for good stuff… The street skating we all dig, tech or raw when needed, with both power and finesse. Add a custom track by Figub Brazlevic, and you are in for a couple of motivational viewings before getting out the house! Enjoy the click. Oh, and Danny shuts down a famous spot, in the most glorious manner in here!

TPDG 2016 / Danny Sommerfeld / GALERIE

Danny Sommerfeld puts us in the mood for their new TPDG Supplies production, to be premiered tomorrow on LIVE!

Croukette / PREMIERE

All right, let's make room for the youth! Here, we present you, as a LIVE exclusive, the latest Augustin Giovannoni production. Augustin is a young Parisian filmer, and it's all here: locals, République, tourists, visiting buddies! As for the title, well, according to the Blobys dictionary, it stands for "good stuff!". Let's have a look at what the new generation proposes us. No doubt, we've got a lot to (re-)learn from them!

Salsa alert!

Ah, Warsaw, its spices, its evil rhythms… Wait, what!? No idea who came up with the idea on editing a week of skating in Poland to a boiling hot salsa track, but this is genius. Oh, let it be known that, at LIVE, we are all about Danny Sommerfeld, so, yep, we love it!


The casting is pretty ideal, the destination rich in spots, and if you watch it through the eyes of Patrick Wallner, you know you are in for a treat!

OG Propeller

Daniel Panneman closes the Berlin based project "Propeller Island" and for good reasons: his quick feet never get distracted by the locals cobblestones no matter what their size… Basically, another proof that you should really get yourself this special DVD!


The intro of Propeller Island (we had showed you as a Live exclusive the Malte Spitz part about three months ago) going online today reminds us that Jo Peters not only has the knack to document underground skaters that we dig, but also a real talent at putting Super 8 to good use, which is actually quite rare! The DVD and its great booklet are still available, so treat yourself!

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