Kazuaki Yakushijin

At night in the country of the rising sun

TIGHTBOOTH and musician KILLER-BONG just delivered a little gem. A video featuring the Japanese skateboarding in all its glory through Koichiro Uehara and his crew. The spots are exploited to the fullest of their potential, every ingredient is present - from creativity to technique, all infused of the very subtle scent of craziness that usually makes this scene so particular.

Jap' funk!

At Strush, they know how to pick them "jazzy", but this time up the tempo a notch, and you are in to witness one hell of a jam session! With Master Shinpei as a soloist, nonetheless!

Kazuaki Yakushijin

Interesting, that Kazuaki! One will note he has a "tall guy" style, and even a "relaxed tall guy style"… Of course, riding for Strush, you know he is the "real streets" kind of street skater, and good at it, too. One could could wish for a little more, actually!

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