Eniz Fazliov

Louie Louie

So, sure, everybody about town is (and should be!!!) talking about that completely insane frontside bluntslide by Eniz (which hero status is now cemented , even to the most obtuse ones), but one should not forget the fact the now absolute coolness in whish Monsieur Lopez now crushes about everything in front of him, from ledges to weird bank to walls… With a Converse video in the works, one can only rejoice!

Old Dirty Eniz!

Where we find out that Mister Fazilov might be an unexpected Piss Drunk!?

Charles' tip: Eniz!

"Our hero, Eniz… You could buy the video just for him. And you will recall Jacob Harris commenting, at the premiere: Fuck, it's gnarly!"

Eniz Alert!

What to say, what to say? ESOTY? Once again?

Goin' West!

Here is a trip to the land of gigantic ditches, quite the unusual terrain for the European chapter of Volcom. Netherless, do they rip it! Then again, that crew is quite on point… Let's note that Aaron Suski does a bit more than showing them spots, and he is always a pleasure to watch skate!

A Lousy Best Of / Premiere

Everybody loves underwear, and everybody loves a smiling house… So, when Lousy Livin' decided to share this best-of with us, we were delighted! Seeing the casting, you shouldn't be alright, yourselves… That's the great thing about handing a pair of boxers to the traveling skaters in need: then, everybody rides for you, as soon as you throw a little house their way!

Eniz Alert!

The Frank dudes have discovered the new Barcelona! Oh, wait, never mind…

Le Champion

Eniz' absolute composure when he rips a post off the ground to end a line, and the fact that he seemed more concerned about fixing it right way than anything else, might be as admirable as his talent on a board…

Frank time

This time, it is on! Frank skateboards is a reality, and well, if it's good enough for Eniz, it's all good for us!


The best… For real.

Eniz Fazliov

He must be one of the most under appreciated skater in Europe… Seriously!

Raw Eniz

You can never go wrong with Mr Fazliov, but that backside nollie to go up the curb? Dammit!

Live Skateboard MediaLive Skateboard Media

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