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  1. All Four One!

    What did you expect, when two of the most "street" Australian brands (The 4 and Uno) get together? Well, some street styling at its best! And Harry Clark, in one line, reminds us why each time he pops up on our glowing screens it matters!
  2. Charles' tip: PA1!

    "Now that's some dense and heavy edit! Good luck to whoever would like to try to name all the Australian skaters featured here!"
  3. 344

    They always do things right, at The 4, notably when it comes to the actual skateboarding. Evidently, their new edit is the vein we know, following a simple guiding line, while still marking each of the three featured style. Clean, tech where needed and quick to knit a line that consists of way more than two basic tricks in a row –Let's remind here the rule stating that you should link up at least three tricks to achieve "line" status. Let's also note some glorious maneuver, like Mike Martin's double grind thingy. A thing of beauty!

  4. Oz power!

    Ah, Australia… The other skateboard country continent! And considering the size of the place, and the number of locals, diversity is there. Proof here with a selection of footage from the Swooshed kids from down under, and from Nick Boserio to Geoff Campbell, they got something for everybody!
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