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  1. Street Feet / Freedoom / Premiere

    Alex Barron and Will Baigent, you know those two from various Street Feet we have shared with you for the past couple years. As for Al Davis, well, he does need any introduction, does he!? Those three complement each other perfectly in their style(s), while using a terrain perfectly fitting the actual idea of "street feet". Oh, and no one would complain about a Suciu featuring… What about the full-length, now?
  2. Sure feet

    The strong point of Masaki's skating is the absolute confidence he puts in his tricks, from the use at high speed of any little thing sticking out of the street, or ollie-ing to land through the width of the door of a firmly planted fence. Power!
  3. In the heat of the night street beers…

    Our Canadian buddies from Street Feet fame just concocted a nice ode to skating the streets at night, and its perfect alter ego: the beer shared after! One should not deny itself the pleasure, and you might end up ordering another round!
  4. "Look Left" / Joe Yates / PREMIERE

    Just in time for the new Traffic Skateboards drop via Josh Stewart's great Theories Of Atlantis platform, comes this web premiere of Joe Yates' section in "Look Left", the latest Traffic full-length video offering by Josh himself. All of this, with a quick, five questions-styled interview with Joe to boot! Peep now, get inspired, and make sure to thank them later!

  5. Rob Mentov "Travel Mixtape" / PREMIERE

    Rob Mentov - you might remember his name from the Street Feet edit we used to share on LIVE, a handful of moons ago. Well, Rob was just granted a guest graphic as part of the new Love Skateboards line, an occasion for which he took some time aside to put together a skate edit for us, filmed in various exotic locations, and he even went as far as subjecting himself to our ritual of the 5W's... Again!

  6. Freedoom

    You know the Street Feet heads, and our Canadian friends are back with a full length at the horizon, announced by this trailer mixing the usual suspects and some quality guests! Prepare for a solid dose of the street the way you like it, cooked and flavored through varied yet complementary techniques…
  7. All love…

    The homies at Love skateboards are pumped and are announcing a new site, for now, as well as new video for November, from the capable hands of Rob Mentov and Street Feet. Yep, only good news from Canada today, and new blood, on top of it!
  8. Surya / PREMIERE

    You know the Street Feet folks, and their Canadian homies at Love, they are the kind to explore. Mainly their surroundings, but whenever they can, as far away as possible… Well, this time, they aimed for the other side of the planet, and not necessarily the most skate friendly. Because if Asia is quite a beloved destination for globe-trotting skaters, it only is for a few marble wonders that were not on the menu, this time. They took on visiting the local scene of countries like India, Manyar or Cambodia, nonetheless. Brace yourself, this is not a tour they are showing us here, it's a trip!

  9. Major beanie crisis…

    Oops, we blew it on letting you know that the Street Feet homies just released a shared part of our very own Steve Malet (he's an honorary Frenchman, by now, isn't he!?) and Scott Varney, both skating Toronto the way they do, always looking for that little quirky spot…


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