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In case you would have been grounded all last week, and/or deprived of an internet connection, we'll save you some time, here: This new edit by Jacob Harris is the one and only thing you should watch (and re-watch), to catch up on that week, but mainly to fill up on beautiful skating full of ideas put together in an actually original way…

Parisii / le remix / Group Edit

All right, so Monday is off, and this should put the fire in you: the homies, buddies, friends and bros section from our Parisii remix… Three years of skating around Paris amounts to a rather large group of people joining the sesh. Hell, you can even spot a couple world renown dudes in there, oh and that guy Rémy Taveira. And République getting built! All under the musical supervision of another Parisii head, Vincent Perrin!

Young Tav'!

A nice portrait of one of everybody's favorite Parisian, and a big smile when you see him skate as a child…

Street Feet / Freedoom / Premiere

Alex Barron and Will Baigent, you know those two from various Street Feet we have shared with you for the past couple years. As for Al Davis, well, he does need any introduction, does he!? Those three complement each other perfectly in their style(s), while using a terrain perfectly fitting the actual idea of "street feet". Oh, and no one would complain about a Suciu featuring… What about the full-length, now?


Well, this is a happening day, isn't it!? And a new Tom Knox part can only be something to rejoice about… Always sharp in his trick selection, he is above all capable of bringing them to the most disjointed spots possible, wherever on the planet he might be. A special mention that switch downhill bomb…

Sabotage 4 promo

One can trust the Sabotage heads for coming up with that street style you want to see and, here, between the classy featurings and the usual heads, this promises a sick full length… But, for now, you can enjoy a full part of Dylan Sourbeer whose crooks fakie, crooks line should go down in the history books of Love Park, we say!

GX1000 Habitat

It is all in the title, really, and it is all here from a ripping Sila, to Mr Dibbs beats!


The least you could say is that Shaun Baptista got a knack for linking tricks together, while keeping things snappy and clean as hell!

In place

A little Who's Who of San Jose skateboarding, this edit is a nugget in terms of "homie vid'"… And, yes, Suciu does have a mini part in there, don't worry!


All right, now, let's stop day dreaming about the past of an idealized Love Park, and let's focus a bit on what is going on in Philly nowadays! All this through Chris Mulhern's eye? Even better!

Marc Suciu is raw!

Hahahahaha… Ha… Good god!

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