Lee Yankou


You know the Street Feet heads, and our Canadian friends are back with a full length at the horizon, announced by this trailer mixing the usual suspects and some quality guests! Prepare for a solid dose of the street the way you like it, cooked and flavored through varied yet complementary techniques…


Say what you will, if you state that you saw every trick of Lee Yankou's part coming, we will definitely not believe you!


A little trip to Japan for a heavy crew ends with a sick edit! That's a good formula… They all rip in their own way, and Evan Smith is just unbelievably relaxed on his board, whatever the spot might be…


Today exclusively on Live, here is Equinox, a Street Feet production, filmed over the now past winter in between Toronto, Reading and Detroit! Streets, snow, nights and ice…

Equinox (and Rob Mentov) 5 W’s

The aptly named video will premiere on Live tomorrow, so we thought it’d be a good time to give you the heads up what to expect… Meet Rob Mentov, and his most recent video project!

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