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  1. Extra Yaje

    Sure, Yaje's part from Dany, the recent independent project from New-York is being held hostage on Thrasher, but this bonus edit got your covered as it is a little gold mine for mister Popson, but also all his buddies from the full-length. Good, good stuff, some infra bass and even a kiss to the filmer's grandmother. Perfect!
  2. Yaje!!!

    We thought we had "lost" him due to his knee problems and an exile / new life in Brazil, and then he reappeared, seemingly skate thirsty! And here he is joining Alien Workshop ranks, with the same smoothness whether he goes tech, or goes harder in the paint. So, yep, everything is good in the world, this morning… One thing, though, hold on your breath for that last clip. You might get a severe stress dose there!
  3. Yaje!!!

    New York's prodigual son really is back, isn't he!? And stomps grounds with the finesse he always had, even on the quirkyest tricks… He even delivers a catch / drop of a falling beanie in the middle of a line that might be NBD!
  4. Eli alert!

    We dig Eli, here, you know it, and just love his skating, a rather refined mix of different eras, styles and techniques that can boil up to nugget like like switch hurricanes on tight natural transitions… And he shows up in great form in this, on top of his game, taming whatever surfaces and shapes the streets have waiting for him.
  5. George Toland globetrotter

    Too hyperactive for us to even get to keep track of his pace, George Toland, the London-based Sony VX-1000 piloting expert who's normally a regular on this website recently dropped not just one, but two remarkable montages of footage collected throughout the Americas - more specifically in Queretaro, Mexico (where he notably skated with Daniel Peña and Adán Belío, whose video "EL OMBLIGO DE LA LUNA" LIVE recently presented, for Milquinientosveintiuno) and in Heredia, Costa Rica (where he wasn't without catching up with Miguel Castro and Francisco Saco, both formerly met at the Croatian Vladimir Film Festival where they had showed their video: "CANASTA"). That's two times short of twenty minutes brimming with colorful spots and organic styles, masterfully captured by a Serious Adult increasingly prone to the itinerant lifestyle.

    For more Costa Rica, we may send you back to the recent "GRINGO DIARIES" by Chris Komodromos and, for more Mexico, well, just stay tuned for the next few days...

  6. Dece Vid

    New York as a background, and a casting mixing such names as Lucien Clarke, Shawn Powers, Alex Olson, Austyn Gillette, Dan Plunkett, Danny Brady, Brian Delatorre, Nick Boserio, and the long awaited Yaje Popson part? Get the kettle on!
  7. High def'!

    This clip despite being filmed on an advanced technology mobile telephone does not suffer from the "let's get this one real quick" syndrome, as the skating is quite up there, while RB Umali, thanks to his OG New York filmer status, can assemble some often too rare old timers, like Akira, and the youth of the moment, like a Yaje in fine form, and one guy named Jarrod Brandeth that –despite being Canadian– is more than at ease in those NYC streets. Let's also note an always versatile Ron Deily!

  8. Famous skate rats unite!

    According to the quite thick Book of Live Laws, whoever deemed worthy enough of a shared sesh by Devendra Banhart deserves a post… Therefore, no need to even mention that fakie ollie 50-50! Bravo, Yaje!
  9. They pros!

    Not much more to say, apart that this makes us even more anxious for Yaje's part in the up-coming Transworld video, after this short but sweet dose of smooth yet powerful skating!


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