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  1. They pros!

    Not much more to say, apart that this makes us even more anxious for Yaje's part in the up-coming Transworld video, after this short but sweet dose of smooth yet powerful skating!
  2. Bean Bag

    A buddy video that appears to be dedicated to a coffee, now that is rare enough to be noted. Lots of dope featurings, including our boy Charles Lamb, and the always great Max Garson! Let's also note an often surprising Christian Miller…
  3. Bronze, unplugged!

    The whole crew is in this, and even on the steepest streets of SF, the NYC heads hold it down!
  4. (Almost) raw Alien!

    A look back at Bunker Down, first real project of the revived Alien Workshop, with the totality of the footage produced for it during a Detroit trip. Prepare yourself for a lot of skating, in the ever so-photogenic quasi-ghost town, and a nice windown into the "real level" of the crew, on a daily basis. Let's actually note the omnipresence of Brandon Nguyen, whatever the spot might be!
  5. Meeting… Chris Thiessen!

    Chris Thiessen, the man (most notably) behind the latest Transworld videos "Substance" and "Riddles In Mathematics", sat down with us to discuss his background in skate filmmaking, editorial choices, influences, his relationship with the magazine and more.

  6. Valls around the world

    Chris Thiessen, longtime indie skate filmmaker brought under the worldwide spotlight as a participant in the Threads Idea Vacuum artisanal think tank and then via his direction of some volumes of the TransWorld SKATEboarding full-length video legacy, LIVE hasn't been without presenting his works before and we even interviewed him regarding "RIDDLES IN MATHEMATICS", that one time. For a little bit now, he's been dropping fresh edits of raw footage on his YouTube channel and after, notably, Yaje Popson and Brad Cromer's respective turns, it is now time for a Frenchman to be treated with the same deal: Magenta Bordeaux rider Léo Valls, to be accurate, on the basis of clips collected between 2016 and 2019 in Atlanta, N.Y.C., Los Angeles, Long Beach, Miami, Bordeaux, Paris and Barcelona - with some guest data in the mix, contributed by Yoan Taillandier. Quite the frenetic dance around the world, as though in hopes to tame that crispy VX-1000, eventually!


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