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"Our hero at home!"



We had shown you as a Live exclusive the part entirely filmed on roof tops from Tengu, Colin Read's video, and here is the underground version with, once again, a few ideas you probably should not try to replicate, creating a fascinating ode to danger in its realest form…

Top ranking!

The "NJScum" label always guarantees quality stuff, but this Christmas once again: Jake Johnson, DIY spots, Alex Davis, camo shorts, Zered Bassett lines, New Jersey industrial areas, ephemeral spots and even Anthony Van Engelen in an abandoned swimming pool… What else you need!?

Search and destroy!

The gift that keeps on giving!

An iron grip!

A new ode to New Jersey and its Holy Terrors, plus a few guests, most likely honorary members, for services rendered… Some old (even a line from Brain Wenning when he was great – a decade ago…) and some new, with all the rough spots you could wish for, skated a way that makes you want to do the same! With the Alex Davis we all love…

Meeting… Vivien Feil!

To celebrate the Panic In Gotham video, a little discussion about skating after Hurricane Sandy, parenting responsibilities, the interest of meeting foreign skateboarders and the future of Magenta skateboards.

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