Jake Johnson

The chosen one alert!

As though to better make autumn rhyme with Jake Johnson, Converse is just dropping this new montage comprising clips aplenty of the man LIVE has chosen to refer to as "the chosen one" since the Big Bang, at the very least. We would like to invite the skeptical to revisit J.J.'s section in the Alien Workshop video "Mindfield" and the converted, his legendary part in the Chapman video "Short Ends". That one re-edit of his GX 1000 footage is worth its weight in gold as well and although, recently, his presence had been a bit more scarce (although always remarkable), the wind seems to be changing directions. Just over the past few days, it's been made obvious again Jake is out skating with his friends every day, and the footage naturally ends up in edits such as this one, or college frat videos; and that's when he isn't busy missing his train stop, only to end up filming a full part with the local kids for their video... A true legend, we been sayin'!

Best-of N.J!

For the time he’s been filming in New Jersey, Andrew Petillo has seen many things in front of his camera. So he concocted us here a little compilation of the best things he could immortalize. On the menu something to satisfy everyone from Danny Renaud to Al Davis, and even Jake Johnson. Some clips are already out, others are unreleased so go for it! Wishing you a good viewing, with perhaps a touch of nostalgia for some.


The Unemployed homies are back with a more bucolic version of their beloved Marseille (no street violence, this time…) and a few famous guests, including Sean Pablo in full nod to Aaron Suski, and even Jake Johnson, once again mastering an impossible trick: the dreaded slappy nosegrind. Yep, Marseille is about that street stuff, we tell ya!

Raw Jake!

Nine minutes of The Chosen One!? What a day, what a day…


Return to South Africa for the Converse crew, with notably one always polyvalent and classy Mike Anderson, but where a De Keyzer that just steals the show with a couple tricks including one improbable shifty flip manual… But, we won't spoil it for you!

Jake Johnson alert!

Where he reminds us all, in a few tricks, who is The Chosen One, while Ronnie Sandoval holds a master class in being a stylish ATV…

Dime life!

What could you say? That living in a time where crews just slap about everybody in the face, when it comes to show what skating really is, is actually great! The Montreal heads will put a smile on your face, for the whole length of it… It's all here, from the poor tastes jokes to actual great comedy –the Shawn Powers skit is just fantastic– and laced up with incredible skating. Yes, we are in luck!

Dime life

They are the now, whatever you may think… Dime are on the top of their game: the homies, the seshs, the the phone to capture it all… What else could you ask for? Oh, a "real" video?


#jkjhnsn alert!

It's short, too short, but oh so sweet! What else to add?

One Star World Tour

About six months on the roads, and a team stacked with styles and approaches completely different: that is one recipe that can't fail! The Converse One Star World Tour edit will not let you down, from pure street to visits to all kinds of parks, around the corner from you or on the other side of the planet! That will put you in the perfect mood for the week-end, whatever spots you had in mind for it!

Charles' tip: GX1000 Taiwan!

"I declare Ben Gore, MVP of that trip." Then again, when you need someone to kickflip a scooter, he is always there, right?

Lost in GX-lation!

So, if you are not aware yet, it means you've been in a 24 hours coma of sorts, but this new GX1000 episode is one of the best since its inception, and not only for its Richard Hart featuting! Let's also note the greatest capture of flatland 360 flip in a long, long time!


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