Brian Delatorre

No pun intended

"HI8US" is the new video confession from S.F. hills' very own Papa Smurf: Ben Gore, pro chez Magenta, world renowned for his power and flick just as much as for his sharp eye, whether behind some kind of photographic lens or not. "A video about a tripod", or so he claims; a deceptively humble description as the edit is stuffed to the brim with genius skateboarding (and the occasional stunt) authored by Brian Delatorre, Ryan Barlow, Roger Krebs, Chris Athans, Trevor Thompson, Brian Powderly, Ben himself and then a handful of more, even. All in the name of his project: Three Press, and conveying some serious Dan Wolfe vibes, but transposed to the current S.F. scene.

Felipe Alert!

Heading out to Latin America, now, with a fine selection of the Cons heads, and they sure as hell tackle it all in style, as those guys have gotten us used to! Let's salute our personal favorite Felipe Oliveira, that plays home, here, but mostly plays to his very own tune, as he always does…


The Unemployed homies are back with a more bucolic version of their beloved Marseille (no street violence, this time…) and a few famous guests, including Sean Pablo in full nod to Aaron Suski, and even Jake Johnson, once again mastering an impossible trick: the dreaded slappy nosegrind. Yep, Marseille is about that street stuff, we tell ya!

Classic SF…

This new Sam Zentner edit is completely in the line of that San Francisco that has made us daydream for decades now, full of downhills and weird spots that you have to hunt… A bit of fresh air, by the hill side!


The guy you want to have with you, whenever, wherever!

Cat Power

The Habitat saga continues, with a new distribution –or so it seems– but mainly by keeping on keepin' on pushing the skaters we want to see… Perfect example, here, with Dela, Davis and Suciu. And Mark, in two lines, keeps us daydreaming about Away Days, and what he might have under his belt for it.

Lost in GX-lation!

So, if you are not aware yet, it means you've been in a 24 hours coma of sorts, but this new GX1000 episode is one of the best since its inception, and not only for its Richard Hart featuting! Let's also note the greatest capture of flatland 360 flip in a long, long time!

Musique de nuit

Sure the casting is pretty much perfect to scavenge the streets of any metropolis once the sun is gone, from Al Davis to Aaron Herrington, but, in the end, we will remember two things: how Ben Kadow tried to pulverize a curb by applying a frontside slappy to it, and mainly, mainly the sound of that very last Zered Basset line. Well, that and Kim fuckin' Gordon


We knew it, Silas Baxter-Neal is a quasi local in Japan… Therefore, he knew who to put in his luggage to have the best time in the Country of the Rising Sun. And, he was right!

Who's who!

We have already mentioned Local Express a couple times but, here, you are in for a treat! The casting is about perfect, and in raw mode for a quarter of hour, you have time to really enjoy everybody's style, without even counting all the rough yet so eye pleasing spots to be seen here.

Peace warriors

This is on the seventieth anniversary of the explosion of the very first atomic bomb, on the Japanese city of Nagasaki, that Takahiro Morita and Far East Skate Network decide to put out this edit reminding us all the visit, a few days after the Fukushima catastrophe, the Magenta and the GX 1000 heads paid to the locals on their very own spot. Because, sometimes, the important thing can be to skate together. Simple as that…

GX1000 Habitat

It is all in the title, really, and it is all here from a ripping Sila, to Mr Dibbs beats!


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