Tim O'Connor

Absence = Nostalgia

It is official, Tim O'Connor is now retired from professional skateboarding, and following his capacities to label everything he was doing "not good enough" to film, his footage is quite rare, despite a long career… This is indeed a little treasure that shed the light online, from known tricks put in context, and few never been seen then clips. And how good was he!

Tim O'Connor, uncut!

"Apparently, Mark Gonzales is a Diet Stan Smith!"… Tim O'Connor is an undisputed freestyle champ! Here are seven minutes of total improv' for the great video about The Man with the White and Green Shoe, featuring Nestor Adkins… He delivers!

An iron grip!

A new ode to New Jersey and its Holy Terrors, plus a few guests, most likely honorary members, for services rendered… Some old (even a line from Brain Wenning when he was great – a decade ago…) and some new, with all the rough spots you could wish for, skated a way that makes you want to do the same! With the Alex Davis we all love…

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