Boris Proust

Soooo Nice!

The DVS French team recently hit the road, as it seems all roads lead to the Riviera, this is where they ended up ripping!

Boris in Togo

Getting the scoop on Boris Proust recent trip to Togo, a back to his roots sort of adventure… And an exclusive interview.


For the Nokia Pureviews series, Boris Proust heads back home, to the Togo he grew up in, as a child! He took two buddies that aren't afraid to rip, and were more than able to adapt to the local streets: Maxime Geronzi and Flo Mirtain. Yep, they did skate! Now this is a nice trip, that makes you whish you were tagging along. This should get you inspired, if you're already looking into escaping the winter, one way or another…

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