William Monerris

Enfer, oui!

Augustin Giovannoni returns with "Hell yeah" and in addition to being the title of the video, it is surely also what we all had to shout at the end of the viewing. We know the talent of the guy behind the camera, with his many videos and more recently the famous "Live Sb Report". In fact, today Augustin is the eye that immortalizes the best the Parisian skateboarding in recent years. On the menu we have the right to more or less all the Paris scene igniting the asphalt of the capital. Simple effective, hard to find a better menu.

Buddy cam

Obviously, when the friends in question are Marca Barbier, Tom O'Reilly or Ibu Laflem, immediately the video takes another dimension. "Sphinx" born from a trip to Athens, is a real combination of styles all incredible in their own way. All ready to commit on anything, especially spots in front of which people would not stop. In short, here are the images of a generation full of creativity, and carefree with this good dose of madness. True kids stuff!


William Monerris always seems to never settle anywhere, and this time he chose Paris to film this edit, with Hadrien Buhannic. As he has us accustomed, the skating is clean with a tendency to balance his front truck that pleases the eye!

Soooo Nice!

The DVS French team recently hit the road, as it seems all roads lead to the Riviera, this is where they ended up ripping!

Bordeaux Bonus

We had presented you Bordeaux Exposure, Julien Januszkiewicz video, as an exclusive, and here comes the bonus! More Bordeaux, mo'better!

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