Maxime Geronzi


Where we find out that Maxime Geronzi appears to be a fervent reader of LIVE! To the point of applying to a T our yesterday's post about that one flatland trick by Stevie Williams that happened over fifteen years ago… And spices this edit with a large serving of switch pop shove-its done how we like it, and where we love them even more! Jokes aside, some great Max here, heavy and smooth as he can do.


Follow the leader!

We were discussing it with him recently, and Maxime has put on a fight for that part, and you can tell! A modern take on street skating that is about to turn into a classic: there, we said it. Also the occasion to recall the genius of Eric B & Rakim!


Meeting… Maxime Geronzi!

As everybody is still in shock from his Excuse My French part, Gypsylife is about to put him back under the spotlight!

Charles' tip: Max Geronzi!

"Many were expecting a succession of switch tres and variations, and they will all be surprised, in the best way possible! Great stuff!"


Brotherhood Of The Feet

Marcel Veldman's Galerie feature was a hint on the fact that Kyron Davis, Maxime Geronzi, Wieger Van Wageningen, Luan Oliveira and Denny Pham did not go to Brazil just to juggle a football on the beach and, well, proof is in the digital pudding, here! Premiering on Live, at the same time as the real life premiere at the Nike SB London Am!

Marcel Veldman / Brotherhood Of The Feet / Galerie

While waiting for the Brotherhood Of The Feet video and a Wieger Van Wageningen interview on Sunday, we propose you a portfolio from the Fluff man himself.

Rising suns

One major pro about going to Okinawa is you're pretty sure to hit spots that aren't blown up, yet… Then again, with this kind of crew, you should be fine. A special note for Maxime Geronzi who is establishing an all terrain status that is quite a pleasure to watch!

Boris in Togo

Getting the scoop on Boris Proust recent trip to Togo, a back to his roots sort of adventure… And an exclusive interview.

Friday mix, uh?

French man Julio Sola empties his hard-drive with this second visual mixtape and gives you a quizz to keep busy over the week-end: you will have to find out who is skating (really well!) all around Paris, Perpignan, Berlin and further…

(A couple hints below)

15 years on the road…

We told you about the Chet Childress exhibitions, this past November, celebrating Cliché's 15th birthday… Here is the video from the road trip that ensued, from Lyon to Barcelona, with a good chunk of the team, and many friends tagging along for the sesh. In one word, Cliché at its best: in the van, on the road.

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