Carlos Ribeiro


Here's your litle massive dose of tech, so you don't stuck only wallie-ing your littles hearts out!

Teching it!

The future will be tech, or won't be… Yes, you've heard it here. One cannot suspect the Sabotage heads to be part of the private skatepark conspiracy, but that certainly does not stop JP Souza from localizing his ledge till he makes it his bitch! His guest aren't too shabby at that, either, so you're in for a good dose of "good" tech!

Smooth tech!

Nothing to add… It's all textbook.

Eye deconstruction

The grumpy ones will complain about a headache inducing edit, but then again, what doesn't give them one? Sure, the deconstruction of the frame in six equal portions is surprising, and might get tiring after a while, but this is short enough, it's refreshing and, for once, the slow motion is welcomed. As much as watching Jack Curtin skating.

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