Brian Peacock

Tech alert!

One could dissert around the fact that Brian Peacock, despite his sino-american roots, represents a sort of bound to happen fusion of both French Tech© and Brazilian Tech© where impeccable technique is balanced with unaltered smoothness… Sure, he does love to make things more complicated than you or I, that's the least you could say, but does so with coolness that makes for visual candy and not jerky flip/spazz outs!

Oh, one should also note how Lucas Puig, in one whistle and one gesture of thankfulness, reminds us all show the real boss is!


Here's your litle massive dose of tech, so you don't stuck only wallie-ing your littles hearts out!

La Pause Café

A perfect mood for an October Sunday, but mainly some smooth tech galore in Paris, in between tourists with good taste, the always on point Karl Salah as the local, and a great surpise with Stephen Khou! Yep, this one is "100" as they say in the streets…

Smooth tech alert!

We got a scoop for you: Brian Peacock is quite good at ledges! Jokes aside, what looks like only a few nights of filming stands at the ultimate proof of his talent, first, but also to his complete smoothness even in the middle of the most improbable combo… All this featuring a Devine that shares similar traits to his skating, and looks like he is back for good!


Dat mixtape ya need!

And that's that!

Close future

So, you should be in the known by now, and have watched this part about ten times by now, but whether it's the case, or if you're waking up late like us, this part reveals a skater capable of making super tech skating mostly practiced in China fascinating! The secret: an equal part of finesse and power, in between Lucas Puig, and… PJ Ladd?

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