Carlos Iqui

Tiago alert!

Must be nice, must be nice…

Tiago alert!

DC does Latin America, and no this is not a montage of skatepark demos interlaces with footie of raving crowds… Nope, stritcly streets, here! The real deal… Where one realizes that this Tiago dude has a trick (or a dozen of them!) for each spot, and also where a forever young Alex Carolino confirms his paternity of the whole BrazilPowerTech™ tradition that mister Lemos has been pushing to new levels recently!

Pop culture!

What the hell just happened!???

Textbook Kalis

Where Josh states once again the fundamentals when it comes to constructions lines…


The younger amongst you might not be aware, yet, but, in skateboarding, in the end, the Brazilians win! Even if some Spanish citizens hold their own, just like Lebron, here… But, yep, there no denying that Brazil offers its best, here, with the help of the BLVD gringos, with the techest skating possible, but with the raw street vibe, those dudes being able to juggle their boards on the worst possible spots. Dig it now, as they are the future! You can find some extra good stuff, here.

Teching it!

The future will be tech, or won't be… Yes, you've heard it here. One cannot suspect the Sabotage heads to be part of the private skatepark conspiracy, but that certainly does not stop JP Souza from localizing his ledge till he makes it his bitch! His guest aren't too shabby at that, either, so you're in for a good dose of "good" tech!

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