Jack Curtin


More Levi Brown footage than in the past two years, Trahan on top of his game, the proof that PJ Ladd has hit puberty (and beyond that!), but mainly another reason for why Tom Knox is turning into one of our favorite skateboarders!

Eye deconstruction

The grumpy ones will complain about a headache inducing edit, but then again, what doesn't give them one? Sure, the deconstruction of the frame in six equal portions is surprising, and might get tiring after a while, but this is short enough, it's refreshing and, for once, the slow motion is welcomed. As much as watching Jack Curtin skating.

West Coast, baby!

DGK keeps on sharing its "throw-away", and the term is not fitting at all, if you ponder the general level of it all! Real street skating, and when Josh Kalis skates San Francisco, life seems just right, doesn't it?

Hard knocks

Parental Advisory was no joke, and those extras neatly packed by geographical areas delivers on the customer service front. Then again, DGK got quite the casting, don't they!?

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