Paul Rodriguez

Raw Nak!

Explosive like dynamite, that Na-Kel, even when it comes to bails… With his very own technique for tricks or escapes from slams. Add a quite special Paul Rodriguez featuring, too!


Here's your litle massive dose of tech, so you don't stuck only wallie-ing your littles hearts out!


Your (little) Thursday morning struggle… How to approach this extract from We Are Blood, in only a few lines? The sound track angle? Theotis Beasley astonishing abilities to push the limits of "matching"? The subtle placement of the product Dubai? The implications of said state international "soft power" politic on the mainstream perception of messing around with your friends on skateboards? The beauty of the infinite money concept allowing a city to dream itself as a Disneyland for adults?

Smooth tech!

Nothing to add… It's all textbook.

What up blood

The rumor had been growing that Ty Evans was working on some new project, since he had joined Brain Farm, well, this is now official, and We Are Blood might end up making Pretty Sweet look like a Swedish art film from the 1950's… The casting is just incredible in its diversity, and that's a great thing!

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