Josh Kalis

Kalis alert!

A collaboration no one was really expecting or at least, only as much as over a minute of footage of an often imitated, never replicated Josh Kalis surfacing like that out of the blue - but of course those are, in both cases, interesting news!

Visibly, DC Shoes is issuing a collaboration capsule with our friends from Perth, Australia who do Butter Goods and, logically, it is Josh Roberts (of the "Domingo" video series, amongst others) that was hired and teleported straight to Chicago, in order to film demonstrations of the aforementioned Josh Kalis' trademark form of impeccable 360 flips, but also some remarkable maneuvers by Philly Santosuosso, the man behind Humidity Skateshop, for the picture to be complete.

Keeping it east!

Well, so we live in a time where DC shoes is completely in tune with the now! And proves it with a full East Coast edit, including a Kalis on top of his game and a large serving of all the up-end-comers, among which John Gardner that proves himself completely unpredictable. And, at the complete opposite of the spectrum, they also have that  Shanahan dude that drops here a full part that should make you a fan, if it's not already the case! Yep, those DC dudes are on point, you should give the a follow… : )

The ill shit…

So, let's keep going with the educational program, with a rather cohesive explanation of why Stevie Williams and Josh Kalis matter… And if you wonder what 411 might have been, think of some sort of Instagram feed that would have come out in tape every… What do you mean, "what's a tape!?" Ahh, nevermind…

Textbook Kalis

Where Josh states once again the fundamentals when it comes to constructions lines…

All nighter!

Where, in 2016, DGK makes a full come-back to the roots: just skating, raw skating, great skating! Quite unexpected, and very entertaining…

Sabotage 4 promo

One can trust the Sabotage heads for coming up with that street style you want to see and, here, between the classy featurings and the usual heads, this promises a sick full length… But, for now, you can enjoy a full part of Dylan Sourbeer whose crooks fakie, crooks line should go down in the history books of Love Park, we say!

Now you know…

No comment… Seriously, what are you supposed to pontificate about after this? "If you don't know…"

West Coast, baby!

DGK keeps on sharing its "throw-away", and the term is not fitting at all, if you ponder the general level of it all! Real street skating, and when Josh Kalis skates San Francisco, life seems just right, doesn't it?

Hard knocks

Parental Advisory was no joke, and those extras neatly packed by geographical areas delivers on the customer service front. Then again, DGK got quite the casting, don't they!?


Thanks to the Sabotage crew, we learned today that:
-a) On the spot, who has the largest body, priority will have.
-b) When a private corporation will anti-skate your spot, an online petition you will organize in order to lobby the local council… Oh, wait, nope. They don’t do it like that.

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