Marquise Henry

All nighter!

Where, in 2016, DGK makes a full come-back to the roots: just skating, raw skating, great skating! Quite unexpected, and very entertaining…


More Levi Brown footage than in the past two years, Trahan on top of his game, the proof that PJ Ladd has hit puberty (and beyond that!), but mainly another reason for why Tom Knox is turning into one of our favorite skateboarders!

style pays

"Thank you Based God, for Rodrigo Teixeira!" Miles Silvas isn't half bad, either, in the "smooth" department…


Because, end of the day, he's the one you don't want to miss, here! Even if the edit, for as clever as it is, makes it sometimes confusing on who's doing what… Let's note a now bearded Marquise Henry that keeps on killing it, also!

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