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Nightmare Rowe

LIVE has been sharing the doings of a very prolific Bust Crew in terms of video production in fine taste, and quite notably of Jon Rowe, whose video parts keep dropping throughout the years and dotting our news feed in the process, for years now. Well at the dusk of two thousand nineteen, things look like they aren't stopping anytime soon as the newest fruit of their efforts just dropped: "NIGHTMAREVAN" is one more addition to their catalog of crispy VX-1000 pieces. The sections can be streamed on YouTube, the DVD can be found here and this article only attests that yes, Jon Rowe is still Jon Rowe, the same who supposedly turned down a pro model on Politic just to keep doing his thing real - maybe an especially commandable approach, these days.

For Fiddy

Bust Crew is half a clothing brand (the audiovisual offerings of which LIVE has presented to you quite a few times before), half - and foremost - a crew of friends who make skate videos - nothing that would really be anything out of the ordinary if said people didn't comprise the likes of Ty Beall, Jon Rowe, Gilbert Crockett, Pat Burke, Cory Bittle, Caleb McNeely, Daniel Ravenal and Will Rosenstock - at least for the occasion of this new edit. As its title suggests, "4FIDDY" is the group's contribution to "FIDDY", a community video initiative launched by East Coast skate magazine Skate Jawn, upon the release of its fiftieth edition. The eventual, resulting full production has similarities to TransWorld's "Cinematographer Project[(s)]", just marinated in tomato sauce and mozzarella melt, and with a dry aftertaste of thick local crust.

Gilbert alert!

Just to be sure nobody misses out on this amazing part…

Rowe alert!

Let's just say it: we can't get enough of the sketchy borderline ultra-violent skating of Jon Rowe…


Brick Brothers

The friends section of the recent Politic video is obviously heavy on Jersey neighbours, Quim Cardona included, and therefore in red bricks spots, also… Yep, it has quite the similarities with our very own North.

We like it Rowe!

Our apologies for the bad play of words, it was just too tempting… Plus, this Jon is not on the finesse side of things, and he certainly would agree on that. Here, your street ultra-violence dose, the kind he's got a real knack for.

Bust alert!

Well, that is one hell of a good day for fans of rough spots! The Bust Crew are on it, teaming up with the Venue homies, so this is a heavy dose of rarely seen and most likely unskatable street furniture…

New Politic-ian

One could see it coming, but then again Jon Rowe joining the Politic ranks couldn't be more logic! From his passion for horribly rough run-ups and landings to his rather "agro" approach of the whole thing, he completely fits the gang…


Raw, raw, Rowe!

Jon seems to have a minor problems with authority, don't you think? And a knack for skating at night… But, that gap to boardslide pop up, on that famous spot in Los Angeles, is just killer!


Rowe Alert!

Always raw, always the impossible spot: we lovvve it!


Raw Richmond

As we already know, they like it rough at Bust Crew, and this compilation of (sometimes already seen) recent footage just confirms that. Always a good boost before the week-end!

Health hazard

We already knew Jon Rowe liked living, or at least skating, dangerously, but he seems to have develop a quite unsafe habit of landing tricks in dark and damp back alleys… Great, great stuff, according to us, and an ode to Hanzy Driscoll for the wall ride nose manual… At least, one can hope!



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