Jason Spivey

Brick Brothers

The friends section of the recent Politic video is obviously heavy on Jersey neighbours, Quim Cardona included, and therefore in red bricks spots, also… Yep, it has quite the similarities with our very own North.


Do not miss this, everything here is top-notch, from the skating to spots, and including the whole look and feel of it!

Domepiece: da B-side ya need!

You have loved Headcleaner? Well, the crew is back with an optional edit, and more or less the complete casting! Rejoice!

Spivey alert, round two!

Jason Spivey, you know it, we have mentioned him to you many a times… Well, he is turning pro for Politic, and this part in Headcleaner illustrates quite well the how and why… Including his ability to roll over any kind of ground!

Spivey alert!

So, this trip from the always on point Politic heads could easily be filed under "Renaud alert" or "Caddo alert", but let's use it to salute the fact that Jason Spivey officially enters our "watch out for this guy" group with, for the old timers amongst us, some Anthony Correa air, and not just for bun reasons…

Derm alert!

Young Derm had taken our collective heart by surprise a few months ago: king of the "non-spots" and of the unpredictable trick, he repeats the performance with unexpected moves where you would not want to skate, at about every clip in here. Also, add a solid back up from the whole Politic crew, and Danny Renaud footage that will put a smile on the grumpiest amongst us old men…

Hippy power!

In the ongoing debate about "Should we really relive the 90's?", this Jason Spivey part takes a different angle with a Jane's Addiction soundtrack, and that is nice change. His approach to skateboarding is also refreshing, when he's taking his time in between tricks, or attacks places that are clearly inappropriate for the act of skateboarding. Yep, we like! And if you want to know more about the kid, hit up Jenkem right away!

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